Easy setup of a camping tent in the forest

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Setting up a camping tent in the forest can seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually really easy. With some patience and the proper instructions, any hiker can do this without any problems or damage to their equipment. So let’s get started! easy setup of a camping tent in the forest

You will need these supplies for your tent: A tarp and a straight piece of wood. With a saw you could also use the trunk of an old tree, but make sure it’s something that will not collapse under you when you climb inside. A large heavy duty plastic sheet and a couple of stakes.

Step 1: Clear space for tent

First, clear enough space to set up the tarp where you will be able to put your tent. Place the tarp in the shape of a rectangle, and leave about a 20 cm (8 inches) space from the edges of the tarp so that it can fold over. The length should be equal to your height plus one meter (3 feet). After this is done, tie off the tarp to a straight piece of wood and cut off any excess material that is not needed.

Step 2: Securing tarp

Take the middle of the tarp and roll it as tightly as you possibly can, securing it with a rope or other strong material. Tie the rope to your stake in one direction, leaving enough space for you to climb inside. Stake down each side of the tarp in a similar way.

Step 3: Setting the plastic sheet

After you have staked down the tarp’s edges, use the plastic sheet to cover up your entire tent. You can do this by tying off each corner, or by stretching it out and securing it on each side. This will prevent rain from leaking through the top of your tent during a storm.

Step 4: Put up a roof

To make things more comfortable, you can cut a few small holes at the top of your tent and run some string through them to tie off a sheet of plastic or tin foil to protect you from rain and snow.

Step 5: Put up a wall

If you have room on the side of your tent, you can put up a small wall using the remains of the tarp. This is completely optional, but will make things more comfortable for you and your friends.

Step 6: Put up equipment

Finally, use a piece of string to hang up any equipment that needs to be hung, such as lanterns or cooking utensils.

That’s it! You now have a nice, comfortable, and fully functional camping tent that will keep you dry and warm even in the worst weather.

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